monthly playlist

January Spotify Round-Up

since the beginning of the pandemic, i have been creating a monthly playlist with tunes that are new (to me) that i hear and enjoy for that month. now i’m here to share them with you! i’ll try to add a little commentary if there is one to go with it 🙂

  1. Sleeping Lion – Good
  2. Flight Facilities & Brux – Wait & See
  3. Ryan Bingham – Sunrise / started watching Yellowstone last week. love a show with a good soundtrack!
  4. Whiskey Myers – Stone / another Yellowstone influence!
  5. KAYTRANADA & H.E.R. – Intimidated / i feel like i’m a little late to discover this one?
  6. Vansire – Every Time Around

hope you enjoy! and be sure to send me some recommendations! always looking for some new music to check out.