year of yes

“Her toolbox is full. She has learned to not let go of the pieces of herself that she needs in order to be what someone else wants. She’s learned not to compromise. She’s learned not to settle. She’s learned, as difficult as it is, how to be her own sun.”

For 2019, a group of friends and I decided that we wanted to make it a goal to start reading more books, so we started a book club! Not sure if it is a consensus, but I myself call it “Spirit’s Up Book Club”

Anyways, with that, we started our journey, and I might say this is probably the one new year’s resolution I actually kept! We made our way through “The Universe Has Your Back” “The Great Believers” “The Shack” “Becoming” and now to today’s feature presentation “Year of Yes”

Now, I know there is the argument about if audiobooks count as reading, but for the sake of this blog post and my book club journey, let’s say it does. With the discovery of the libby* app, I have been able to enjoy so many books this year beyond those of the book club, and has most definitely made the work grind drive bearable.

*for those who do not know what libby is, click on the link now, make your way to your closest library and download now!

Shonda Rhimes was the narrator of her own book, and this made it captivating and a very enjoyable listen. I have been a follower of Grey’s Anatomy since the beginning of the series, but until this book I only knew Shonda as the creator of her Shondaland empire, so I was very inspired by the concept Year of Yes.

On a personal note, I am often a “no” type of gal when it comes to doing things that are out of my small comfort zone. Committing to things is something that I am not very good at, and setting big goals for myself it something I find difficult to do, and the lifestyle choices Shonda made and described in her book resonated with me on a smaller scale, but nonetheless, I heard it.

Seeing how saying “yes” for a year helped her to open up as a person, a partner, a mother, a boss, a public figure is truly inspirational and in small strides, I am implementing these changes into my life as well. The #yearofyes challenge is now a part of my adventure too, and little by little I hope to learn to be my own sun!

For those who are looking for a little inspiration and a fun read, be sure to pick up this book or download the audio version. You can also get a sneak peak by listening to her featured on Oprah’s “Supersoul Sunday” series!

What are you reading? What are some things that you want to start saying “Yes!” to?

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hi everyone! my name is Hana and i run an instagram called @thetruthfulword. it is mostly a space for me to share the words i find myself intrigued by and want to share with the rest of the world. it’s about 5 years or so in the making. of course as lots of stories go… it came out of heartbreak and i can’t even try to remember how it got to where it is today but it is a blessing! i love it! but i also wanted an outlet that would let me be a bit more expressive with options for variety. so here i am trying to blog yet again!

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